Contemporary abstract works featured on are one-of-a-kind works, created using acrylic paint, gouache, oil pastels, graphite, watercolor, markers, and colored pencils. Each piece aims to convey a mood, emotion, and season of human life through unique color pairings, bold brushstrokes, and linear motifs.

  Illustrated works interpret moments in fashion and womanhood on paper. Art from Jonell Melville are original, hand-painted creations with meticulous attention to detail. Whether for home, office, or gallery, art from Jonell Melville blends style with a youthful playfulness, and a brilliant spectrum of color.


About the Artist

Jonell Melville is a freelance illustrator and painter specializing in fashion illustration, jewelry illustration, and contemporary abstract paintings on canvas and paper. Jonell was born in Trinidad + Tobago, West Indies, and grew up in sunny Florida. Her illustrated works are inspired by runway fashion, accessories, and bohemian aesthetics, while her painted works are heavily influenced by the Abstract Expressionism art movement. The deliberate pairing of uncommon color schemes, along with confident brushstrokes, and the repetitive use of stripes, makes Jonell's works identifiable and unique.


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